It’s all in the essay: a listener who fell in love with the music Matt Gray wrote for the Commodore 64 and endeavoured to personally thank him …

For non-fiction accounts of Matt’s days as a C64 composer, please see:

C64.com interview with Matt Gray
RVG Interviews Matt Gray (see: Forum / RVG Interviews /  RVG Interviews Matt Gray)
Recollection interview with Matt Gray (originally published in Vandalism News #63)
Return of the King – Matt Gray (p. 26)
Reformation Interview on YouTube (preview)
Commodore Remix Forum thread: Matt Gray Produced Box Set

Also, a special thanks to Chris Abbott from C64Audio.com, who appears to have been a driving force behind Matt’s return to the C64 scene. Chris also wrote an excellent article about the early composers, which you can read here.



2 Responses to About

  1. Daibonehead says:

    Stumbled on this brilliant piece years ago. Lost it but found it again. Wonderful work.

  2. murphyruairi says:

    Fantastic – so glad you enjoyed reading it Dai. And thanks again for taking the time to let me know – brightens my day.

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